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Framed Art Prints with a Unique Flair
Imaginative Pencil
Art of Creativity
High Quality Framed Prints with 2 frames
Affordable Pencil Portraits with Frame
High quality Posters of each work of art .
Merchandise with our Art auch as shirts,etc.
Our prints are made with the best technology known as giclee and result in a semi gloss matte finish that locks in the true colors of the originals.



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Imaginative Pencil
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Welcome to our website.
We specialize in the sale, distribution, and promotion of award-winning pencil artist
Justin Michael Jenkins.

We offer high quality prints of our surreal and imaginative drawings in your choice of two frame styles at affordable prices. These open edition series prints will sure brighten any decor and make for wonderful conversation pieces. We currently have over 55 works of art in 5 collections. We offer choices in our Chess, Anatomy, Mind, Spiritual and Abstract Collections.

Chess Pencil Art Anatomy Pencil Art
Mind Pencil Art Spiritual Pencil Art
Abstract Pencil Art Custom Pencil Portraits
  We have art packages of 3,6, or 12 framed prints for larger spaces at a reduced cost. Click below for more.
Framed Print Packages
Featured Pencil Work   Our featured art print is studio work #P0300. This work is from our mind collection. Click below to view this work.
Featured Art Print
  Visit our online catalog of over 100 framed prints in 2 unique frame choices. Click below to browse all our prints.
Framed Print Catalog
  Read a short biography and an interview with visionary and surreal pencil Artist Justin Michael Jenkins.
Artist Justin Michael Jenkins
Imaginative Pencil
Imaginative Pencil
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