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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Faith and Belief in the word of God with Respect for all Religions in the Journey towards a Higher Wisdom

Over the years i have had various people email me or call me asking me if i am a deeply religious man and if so, what denomination i belong too. They tell me they have seen my drawings, especially the spiritual collection, and asked if i may be a christian due to certain pieces that depict biblical events and christ on the cross.

My response to these questions is that i firmly believe that god intended us to follow his path that he set forth and placed here on earth through his son Jesus. The institutions such as churches that teach us his word are wonderful in that they bring society together as a whole to become "one" with him in his house, yet i do not think it is neccessary to attend these institutions to lead your soul and spirit to the arms of god. With that said, i must say that i do not fit into any specific denomination whether it be syncretism or these new age theoretical denominations that have a more broad loving appeal for everyone. My spirit stems from the soil of the bible, the 10 commendments, and my loving and compassionate heart, which i try to reach out and help other's as much as i humanly can. I will let god label me if he so wishes when the time comes after i practice his word and follow his teachings in the best way i can. I want to grow more and more with him as i mature and learn some valuable lessons along the way. I think my beliefs and practices are as strong as many pastors or ministers and as long as i have compassion, forgive and love my enemies as best i can, and help the less fortunate and try to inspire others based on the word of god, i feel this foundation is as sturdy as any practicing catholic or christian, etc.

I would summize out of respect for many religions (some i have doubts about based on their actions), that my spirit and soul is a fusion of Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism, and many others, which each bringing something refreshing to the table that helps us reach god easier and understand his love and righteous power. I feel we as a whole on earth need to come together more and respect each others faiths and practices in our journey to reach and understand the heavenly father that wants us to respect each other and learn from one another, not construct ignorant walls that place a blind wedge between our different approaches to understanding his word. Most religions can learn from one another and in the end, we are simply all looking for a way to finish at the same place, just taking a different path to reach that final destination. If we just see each path as a piece to forming the whole puzzle of grand wisdom then we can each relate to each other and find the true word and power of god in that respect we have for our desired faiths, however different they seem to be.

Whatever path you choose or inspires you, whether it be attending church daily or weekly, praying alone on your own time in your room, being around a friend who inspires you to get closer to god, reading the bible privately, or studying the books and teachings of your desired denomination, each choice has a strong personal value to each individual that helps them stay on the righteous path to a higher wisdom and understanding. Everyone is different and each has their own ways of finding this path and as long as we all remain committed to the basic essential teachings within the bible and 10 commandments and help each other out and give our hearts as best we can, we will be fine in the end.

You can view my full drawing "Opening the Door to God" here:
Spiritual Drawing #P0380

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