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Monday, June 29, 2009

Original Fine Art from my Genesis Drawing Collections

Greetings everyone. As my work continues to sell to many who find me online through various avenues, i wanted to let everyone know that i currently have 40 pieces left for sale out of my collections. 20 have been sold and the remainder yet to find that special buyer. Each drawing is 11"X14" and sells for $700 each including frame. Every one of my tyransactions with private collectors and buyers is smooth and i use google checkout (very trusted) for my transactions.

The process is quite simple and only serious collectors and buyers should contact me. You contact me via email at and we begin communicating about what your interested in buying. If you decide you want a particular work from my various collections then i send a secure invoice out to your email inbox with a link to the secure google checkout are aasking for the full price of the work. The after receiving the funds i frame it and ship it to you immediately (arrives within 14 days after purchase). Then you proceed to hang it on your wall of choice and you are the owner....simple (=

Chess Art Drawing by Justin Michael Jenkins
"The Transmutation of Time, Reflex, and Observation" from my Chess Art Drawing Collection. Available for $700 with frame.

The original drawing currently left in my collections are at this website in my gallery (click here). If you want to purchase more than one i can negotiate a savings to you as a collector. You can communicate your interest in that over the phone with me or through email. Again, my email is

Spiritual Art Drawing by Justin Michael Jenkins

"The Eternal Discord of Entwined Temptations" from my Spiritual Art Drawing Collection. Available for $700 with frame.

The Genesis Collection for the new Millenium began one night as i was working on my 500 page chess book. I had this revelation of 12 collections of work based around 12 themes of life. I decided to sit down and write down from my point of view what the twelve collections should be as the foundation of this giant collection. I decided on the game of chess, human anatomy, mind, spirit, scientific abstracts, ocean, and the cosmos as the first seven collections. The whole idea of this body of work is to take each important theme of life and dissect and analyze each element within each particular theme and relate it to the creation of life and universe at the very beginnings.


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