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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Message from Artist Justin Michael Jenkins

Dear friends, collectors, and visitors to,

I first want to thank you for your continued support over the last 6 months in helping us spread the word and attracting more visitors to my new website. Without your help and your interest, my style of art and would not have grown so quickly. We would not have had the immense feedback and support of various institutions and websites who have published artciles about my work and have urged me to ponder important business and marketing avenues with regard to my art drawings.

Now i would like to turn your attention to our new Blog! We hope you will enjoy this blog for years to come. We want to use this blog so that visitors like yourself will be informed of recent updates to our website, the latest news from our home offices and studio, product rollouts and upcoming products, hints of new art to come and even posts from time to time by myself. The team here at wants this blog to be informative, resourceful, and engaging on both the business front and with a personal touch. From time to time, i want to post art in progress with photos to help fellow artists and collectors gain an understanding to my approach and style ot my drawings. I also would like interesting feedback regarding my work and even requests for a series would be welcome!

The latest developments within the headquarters at Imaginative Pencil is a call we received from Anthony who wants me to participate in the James Brown Soul of America Music Festival coming up in May in Augusta. The festival will be a national celebration for the “Godfather of Soul” and his influence on music and culture worldwide. Over 50 artists from around the world plan to participate and we are proud they invited myself to contribute some works to the exhibition. The top works from the show, which will be televised nationally on TV will be part of a traveling exhibition around the country and part of the new museum for James Brown in the future. If you want more information regarding this event visit their site here Click the artist tab and my picture and listing is among many other talented artists.

One more news related thing to include in our first blog post is our beginning talks with to sell my chess art drawing collection as framed prints on their website. I have talked briefly with Quentin from Chess Usa and he said he would welcome the idea of a drop-ship marketing approach where they would sell my framed prints on their website. We just started partnership talks and i will fill everyone in as soon as more information becomes available to our marketing team. I'm very excited at this possibility!

Thanks for visiting our blog spot and please do come back for lots more information, news, and many more comments and posts from me in the future. Our team at Imaginative Pencil will work hard to keep the blog rich with content and diversity while at the same time focusing on my art and our products. While your at it, check out our online product shop where i am very proud of the efforts they have put in thus far regarding my art on merchandise! The website is I wish you all an interesting, spiritual, and exciting year ahead!

Best regards,