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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Human Body: A Blueprint for Life and the Universe revealed through the eyes of artist Justin Michael Jenkins

Raw Garnishings pencil work by artist Justin Michael Jenkins
Of all the creations that have spawned from the smallest molecules within the universe, the human body has to be one of the most beautifully complex, both in structure and the way it adapts and works to heal and regenerate itself under enormously difficult circumstances. The interpretation of the human body and all its mechanisms and complexity through various mediums has led to an exploration that is a long daunting process. Verious artists, scientists, scholars, and the like, have long searched for ways to improve on past knowledge of how our body operates and uses all its intricate parts to work in unison to heal and adjust to unnatural and natural stimuli. Artist Justin Michael Jenkins, the artist we feature within this blog and on our various websites such as Imaginative Pencil, has used this past knowledge and his own curiosity to create a unique, surreal, and visionary collection of anatomical drawings that set the human body in relation with the world around us and the universal structure. In the work featured above, "Raw Garnishings", the artist takes the human body and dissects it into various structures that assist in decorating the room setting he creates. The artist creates an intimate environment from the various internal parts and generates a surreal conondrum that takes our human body and places it within a setting that is furnished by this body. The artist creates a table from three dissected legs that reveal various layers of anatomical construction from the layer of skin to the veins and muscle. The artist states, "I want to show the beauty, complexity, and mechanical flow of this amazing structure that most of take for granted and react in a uncomfortable way when we see the inside of ourselves."

Mortal Fiber pencil work by artist Justin Michael Jenkins
In a unique and experimental way the artist transforms the human body into a vast landscape of beauty and poetry that coincides with the creation of the universe and the roots of existence. "Jenkins has taken what was already a masterpiece and has carved out the forms and landscapes within us that mirror life and our world around us using bold colors and surreal settings that mimic the organic and unusual landscape within us," states M. Koira, Artist. The artist takes bone, muscle, veins, tendons, tissue, organs, and the layer of skin that protects them, and uses them to support the setting he desires such as rooms, mountains, landscapes, and theories of creation. He wants to give a glimpse to the worlds inside our bodies that started from the roots of our existence and is connected to the earthly matter and ultimately the universal matter that occupies everything. The human body as a microcosm for the way the universe regenerates and adapts is a big question we all must ponder on some level. The question quite possibly could be found through this visual exploration into the mysterious worlds and forms within ourselves. Jenkins ponders these monumental mysteries and in the end creates works of art on the human structure that transcend its physical and earthly state.

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