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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Framed Art Prints featuring the surreal art of Justin Michael Jenkins

The Alluring Web of Radical Thought by Justin Michael Jenkins in our Classical Frame
For over a year now we have featured our line of framed art prints that feature the colorful, visionary, and surreal creations from the hand of Justin Michael Jenkins. After steady growth, we have upgraded our modern and classical choices to two new and more durable frames. These frames are from a new manufacturer and increase the quality we want our customers to experience at a reasonable price! At this time we have 5 unique collections of pencil drawings from Justins studio. We offer collectors from around the world the choice of shopping for art that revolves around the game of chess in twelve unique works of art that our distinctly fascinating and some of the best in the world; a human anatomical collection of drawings that takes the human body and subjects it to life around us and places it in relation with the universe; a human mind collection that conjures up images that revolve around the mysterious corridors of the mind and thought; a spiritual drawing collection that places biblical scenes and our connection with life around us into surreal dynamic landscapes; a scientific abstract collection of drawings that attempt to reveal in a unique way the underlying science and dynamic of form and matter. We have a total of 55 works of art in two frame choices. Our total online catalog which you can view here Imaginative Pencil Framed print Catalog has 110 framed art prints ready to be hung starting at $69.50 unsigned to $99.50 signed. The original works of art are not for sale at this time.

Classical Frame Detail
Our classical frame, as shown above with studio drawing #P0260, "The Alluring Web of Radical Thought" and shown to the left in a closer detail has very nice detailing and an inlaid pattern of leaf like ornamental shapes. The inner area of the frame has a bead like line that goes around the entire frame complimenting the leaf shapes nicely. The outer edge of the frame is bent inward and creates nice depth to the overall shape and design of the entire frame. This frame comes with a professionally cut beveled mat and the frame size is 16"X20". The art print is 11"X14" inside the white mat. This particular frame is $69.50 unsigned or $99.50 signed by the artist on the mat below the art image. We also carry affordable bulk frame art print packages of this frame for large organizations and spaces where more than 1 framed print is neccessary for decorating. You can view these packages at this link here Imaginative Pencil Framed Print Catalog featuring the Visionary Pencil Art of Justin Michael Jenkins

Striving for an Equilibrium by Justin Michael Jenkins in our Modern Frame
These framed prints are great for a single individual or a office setting where large quantities are needed. The artist personally works in a series allowing us to market these framed art prints to a variety of different organizations and interests. Our Chess Art Framed Prints are great for chess clubs, chess players, chess tournaments for prizes, and chess organizations. Our Anatomy Art Framed Prints are great for hospitals, small medical clinics, individual doctors offices, and waiting rooms. Our Mind Art Framed Prints are great for mental health doctors, hypnotherpists, psychotherapists, and anyone who practices mental health. Our Spiritual Art Framed Prints fit well in church environments and are great gifts for those who are highly spiritual and look at life as poetic and grand. Our new Abstract Framed Prints have a very dynamic element with lots of movement and action to the varied forms, shapes, and colors. These are great for anyone who like colorful art and especially abstract arModern Frame Detailt.
Our Modern Frame, as shown above with studio drawing #P0440, "Striving for an Equlibrium" and shown to the left in closer detail has a very nice deep grooved edge to it. The simpler yet stylish look fits well in any decor, especially more contemporary and cleaner spaces. This frame, like our classical frame above, is 16"X20" and comes with a white beveled mat with an 11"X14" art print. This particular frame is $69.50 unsigned and $99.50 signed by Justin under the art print on the mat. This particular frame is also available for bulk ordering through our art package services at a reduced cost if you or your company is interested in large quantities with your choice of any art image.

At this time, our Framed Print packages come in packages of 3,6, or 12 prints for your space. Each package has considerable savings if you were to purchase them seperately. Our savings go as high as $150.00 for larger framed print packages. If you are a company or individual interested in purchasing one of these packages please call us at 1-304-376-0762 or email us for more information at Please state the purpose of your email and if you can include your phone number so we can return a call to you to discuss these framed print packages. Also, please check out our online catalog of framed prints below:

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For international orders , please shop these framed prints here:
Framed Art Prints for International Buyers and Collectors

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