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Friday, March 10, 2006

Decorate your Space with Framed Art Print Packages in two Frame Styles

3 Framed Art Prints shown in our Classical Frame for the walls of your space
Dear Collectors or first time buyers of our art collections,

Let us introduce an area of our company where you can purchase framed art prints for spaces that require more than one art print. We all know that many offices and waiting areas have the same old art we see time and time again. You know the one with the red round circle and blue triangle on a white canvas or the classical landscape image that just bores the heck out of some of us because we've seen them over and over. If you are a repeat collector or familiar with the style of art we sell as framed prints you know that artist Justin Michael Jenkins has a unique and colorful approach that stimulates both the mind and the senses. While you may prefer the classical landscape, let us invite you to explore the style of Justin Michael Jenkins as a possible replacement in your office, large space, or institution. His approach is both inviting and appealing and will keep your patients, customers, clients, or office partners in constant bewilderment when they stumble onto another hidden facet of the work. A scholar writes, "After carefully examining the style of Justin Michael Jenkins i was enraptured at the many layers of symbolisms and meanings that thrusted themselves at me from the bold and vivid color. I even found something entirely new to me in one of his works after 2 years of having it in front of me!"

3 Framed Art Prints shown in our Modern Frame for the walls of your space
The collections we offer in our online framed print library, if your a new visitor or interested collector and buyer, is the game of chess, human anatomy, mind and thought, spirituality, and scientific abstractions. The artist does twelve works in a series based around a new theme and subject in which the artist throws every ounce of passion and understanding into the theme he chooses. The results are colorful, surreal, visionary, and inventive delights that have a balanced blend of a decorative and individualistic style without being too mainstream. The artist naturally gravitates toward bold and colorful depictions of various scenes and studies within his themes that appeal to the masses in many unique ways. Whether your interested in the game of chess or your a doctor who likes the human anatomical structure, we have something for everyone and for large or small spaces. Our framed print packages are a result of high demand and the need to be competitive with fair and decent pricing within our industry and for those who have a need for fine art of the highest and most original quality on the walls of their offices or institutions.

2 Framed Art Prints shown in our Classical Frame for the walls of your spaceOur framed art print packages are available in package sof 3,6, or 12 framed prints. Each package comes with your choice of either the Modern Frame or the Classical Frame . Each print is 11"X14" and has a white beveled mat around it in the 16"X20" frame, which is a very economical size for spaces. Anything too large or too small can be ineffective in the overall decorative space and for impact. The chess art framed print packages make excellent additions to chess clubs, chess organizations, and are great for chess tournaments. The anatomy art framed print packages make excellent additions to hospital walls, waiting rooms, small doctors offices, or institutions. The mind art packages make wonderful additions to mental health clinics, hypnotherapy offices, and psychologists offices, to name a few. The spiritual framed art packages would look great on the walls of churches, religious institutions, small religious groups offices, or just a small office occupied by a priest or pastor. Our latest framed print package collection, scientific abstracts (only available in package sof 3 or 6) , make terrific additions to the walls of any area or office setting.

The prices are as followed:
Modern Frame Print Packages:
3 framed prints: $199.99 + shipping
6 frame prints: $399.99 + shipping
12 framed prints: $559.99 + shipping

Classical Frame Print Packages:
3 framed prints: $199.99 + shipping
6 framed prints: $399.99 + shipping
12 framed prints: $559.99 + shipping

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If you have an interest in purchasing any of these framed print packages, please email us for more information at or call us anytime at 1-304-376-0762. If we unavailable, please leave your name and phone number and we will return your call within 24 hours.