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Sunday, April 30, 2006

We are a proud sponsor of the 2006 Mayors Cup Super Chess Tournament in New York City!

My drawing 'The Concealed Fate of an Imminent Surrender' donated to sponsor the Mayors Cup Super Chess Tournament in New York City in June 2006
The 2006 Mayors Cup Super Chess Tournament in New York City is proudly presented by the Susan Polgar Foundation, the New York City Sports Commission, the Office of New York City Mayor Bloomberg, and the New York Athletic Club. This chess tournament, according to Susan Polgar, is going to be the strongest round robin tournament in United States History! After talking with Susan, i am honored to be a big part of the sponsorship of this historic event by donating an exclusive signed original chess drawing in a classical gold frame for this even. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York City athletic Commissioner Ken Podziba will be on hand for the event. The work i am donating is "The Concealed Fate of an Imminent Surrender", which Susan picked from my collection.

After careful deliberation with the staff at Imaginative Pencil, i decided on giving Susan an original because of the fact that i rarely give my originals (which would make this even more special) and the simple fact that i have complete admiration and respect for the tireless path Susan takes with promoting chess around world and expecially in schools for children. I have been playing chess since i was 5 years old, and i absolutely love what the game represents and can do for a persons way of thinking and overall character in some cases. Since i sort of feel i have a kindred connection to the path Susan takes, it was a no brainer for me to donate this piece for this worthwhile cause. This is the first time i have placed any original chess piece to the public for auction and sale. The details of the event are still sketchy, but players such as Gata Kamsky (who was once 2nd in the world and played for the world championship against Karpov back in the early 90's) , Susan Polgar, and Boris Gulko, will be present at the New York Athletic Club on June 25th and June 26th.

In terms of the art piece i am donating, i think Susan will be showing the work at the event, but we plan on talking about this next week. The work is now officially up for bid and auction with a minimum bid starting at $1,000. Buyers interested in purchasing this work with the frame included can go here for more details: Susan Polgar Blog Entry The New York Athletic Club where the Mayors Cup Super Chess Tournament will take place

Susan will be accepting private emails for the bidding prices and 100% of the proceeds will go to the event! We will also be featured in the program as a sponsor! I want to personally thank Susan for her vision of including my art within the framework of this event and her support over the past couple months in her attempts at promoting my work on her blog and such.

If you also want to email me about bidding prices i can forward the emails to Susan for her approval. Please, only serious inquiries are welcome since we are extremely busy. The fact that this work of art will be forever linked to this historic event will propel the value even higher over the years.

Thanks for your time regarding this event.