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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chess Shirt seen on T-Shirt Casserole!

Chess Drawing, The Transmutation of Time, Reflex, and Observation, on our long sleeve shirt, featured at T-Shirt Casserole | Click here to visit the blog I want to thank Kristen at T-Shirt Casserole for finding my drawings and shop amongst millions of shops at Cafepress. I was looking for a link on the internet that showed an image of mine and i stumbled onto this small entry she placed on her blog, "T-Shirt Casserole." Her blog's slogan is, "T-shirts from Anywhere, Tossed Together, Baked for an Hour, and Reviewed." This is what she wrote next to my shirt: "It was tough trying to pick just one design by artist Justin Michael Jenkins to feature here, so I closed my eyes and pointed, and came up with this cool Chess design! His surrealistic colored pencil drawings are fantastic (as well as his mind, spiritual, abstract, and anatomy inspired art), so spend some time in his shop and watch your eyeballs start bending around each other - in a good way, of course!" She is also a very talented designer and i found some of her many sites and shops that were linked from her blog. One of her sites, ArtofFoxVox, has some terrific designs that she makes and it shows all the hard work she puts into her store. I always love to find shops that show a higher standard on the internet. Thanks again Kristen for finding my chess art and drawings and featuring them on your blog.Shop for this shirt here