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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Creation of the Universe Parrallels the Creation of Art

For the longest time, i have been under the impression that abstract and dynamic composition begins with many approaches that could be seen as parrallel to when the universe and life was created long ago.

When i begin a new work af art, mainly my abstracts, i attempt to view the entire subject matter as how it would be perceived under the scope of a complex kaleidescopic x-ray machine. The challenge lies in actually perceiving these small particles of matter that actually create the physical entity that is before me and fusing these particles into harmonious patterns that reflect geometric foundations that parallel the universe and its foundations. When i approach this idea from many angles, i also have to maintain the integrity of the overall composition and the color patterns within it while creating the dynamic from the objects underlying foundation.

The complexity of abtract art and the ideas behind a piece are very unique to each individual abstract artist. Some artists choose geometric simplicity, while others , like myself, use geometry within the framework of the overall dynamic and design. Much like the intuitive self reactive and creative tendencies that took place long ago in creating the universe, the creation of abstract art also takes on this recognized energy and technique. As an artist works and becomes more and more engaged within the composition, eventually an outside force of unexplainable magnitude and guidance, will begin to assist on a cosmic and intuitive level helping the artist fuse all the ideas into one. Just like the universe probably at a certain phase became self creative and everything began working together collectively to expand, the work of an artist also takes on these fundamental characteristics that ultimately lead to transcendence and a connection with the mechanics of the universe.

Justin ~~~